Hygiene inspections according to the latest standards (VDI 6022)

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The VDI guideline 6022, which governs the hygienic requirements of air-conditioning systems, applies to all commercial, air-conditioned rooms used by persons.

A testing interval of two years applies for systems with humidification equipment and a testing interval of three years applies for air-conditioning systems without humidification.

This must include regular hygiene tests with microbiological samples in accordance with §3 of the German Workplace Ordinance (ArbStättV). Weiss Klimatechnik carries out these tests in accordance with the latest standards in a quick, uncomplicated and legally secure manner and also provides the necessary certificates.

We work on the basis of the most recent standards and are reliable, fast and flexible. Our service also includes expert advice!

Equipment cleaning / cleaning of air ducts (VDI 6022)

Although air-conditioning and ventilation systems often have networks of air ducts that are several kilometres long, little attention is paid to these air ducts.

As a result, ideal values are not always obtained when analysing air-conditioned air: this air often not only contains dust, but may also have increased concentrations of bacteria or fungal spores in more serious cases.

The following aspects are particularly important:

Fire protection: Deposits in ventilation systems (e.g. dusts, grease) must be removed at regular intervals, as they can promote the spread of fire.

Hygiene: Dirty ventilation systems are also problematic from a hygienic viewpoint. The deposited dirt is an ideal breeding ground for pathogens and microorganisms of all kinds, which are then spread by the ventilation system. In the worst case, Legionella can be spread, which cause the dreaded Legionnaires' disease.

To ensure safe operation of air-conditioning systems, air ducts must be cleaned at regular intervals, as otherwise there are serious negative impacts on the performance and energy consumption of the air-conditioning system.

Our services

  • Determination of bacterial count (in humidifying/cooling water)
  • Testing for Legionella (in air humidifiers)
  • Surface samples (determination of bacterial count on surfaces in air ducts, filters etc.)
  • Identification of germs (differentiation between microorganisms)
  • Determination of bacterial count in indoor air
  • Hygiene inspection in accordance with VDI 6022


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