Highest Purity for contamination-free Chip Production

The demand for ever more, ever more compact and ever more powerful microchips is growing continuously. This also increases the demands on process conditions and air purity. The production of microchips and other electronic components is technically complex and extremely cost-intensive. To minimize the costs per component, it is important to optimally coordinate all individual processes and minimize the reject rate. Pure and high-purity process conditions make a decisive contribution to this. As one of the innovation and quality leaders in the field of contamination control and cleanroom technology, we offer proven components and economical comprehensive solutions.

Specific Requirements

Prerequisites for Safe, Reproducible Process Conditions

Semiconductor production takes place in several hundred manufacturing steps, starting with the frontend (including lithography, etching, coating) through to the backend and packaging. These take place under cleanroom conditions continuously, but require different cleanroom classes. To ensure that the electrical circuits are operating permanently without trouble, attention must be paid to compliance with the required cleanliness and process conditions right from the production of the high-purity silicon wafers and the necessary process chemicals. This reliably protects production from airborne particles and molecular contamination. Depending on the process step and requirements, cleanroom conditions from cleanroom class ISO 8 to ISO 1 are needed.

As complex as the production of chips is, as demanding are the manifold stations of quality assurance after each critical process step. Measurements in the nanometer range require clean measuring rooms with constant and reliably reproducible climatic conditions. After each critical production step and after completion, the chips are checked in test rooms. For this purpose, clean room conditions with reproducible temperature and humiditiy rates are required for all clean room classes.

The miniaturization of chips is now reaching the physical limits. That is why research and development are constantly looking for new production methods to make chips even smaller and more powerful. Pure conditions are also one of the key requirements for success in this fundamental work. To develop new chip manufacturing processes, laboratories need smaller and more flexible cleanroom and measuring room solutions from cleanroom class ISO 8 to ISO 5 and locally better.


Always in expert hands

Our comprehensive portfolio offers future-proof solutions and components for almost all process steps and manufacturing requirements. If required, we develop customized solutions for special requirements and special processes.


Our turnkey cleanroom solutions up to cleanroom class ISO 5 and better ensure particularly clean, low-particle air conditions and exactly the climatic conditions you need for chip manufacturing.

Measuring Rooms

Our turnkey measuring rooms create extremely constant and precisely defined measuring conditions for chip production. All parameters such as temperature and air humidity can be controlled and regulated to the process-oriented.

Process Climate Systems

Our system solutions for the process climate ensure anytime that all climate conditions are constantly and most precisely met and that your processes can be optimally run.

Customized Solutions

We also plan and implement all other individual clean room and air conditioning solutions for you, professionally and according to your demands, from a single source.

Our Services

Consulting, Planning, Implementation and Service - All from a Single Source

With our flexible service modules, you benefit from our comprehensive know-how. Whenever you need it, and always exactly as you need it: In individual project steps, with components or with us as general contractor.


Consulting and Planning

Our planning department provides you with comprehensive advice on technical possibilities, process requirements and normative specifications. In planning, we are guided by the HOAI (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers) and support you in all planning phases: Basic evaluation, profitability calculation, preliminary planning, feasibility study, master plan, design planning and execution planning.

Construction and Execution

For construction, we use our product portfolio, which meets the highest air-conditioning requirements. Of course, we can also integrate existing plant parts or components from other manufacturers for you on a project-specific basis and coordinate all components and interfaces.

Agile Project Management

Thanks to tried-and-tested engineering and development processes, we ensure the smooth determination and implementation of all requirements for you. We work with agile project management methods and selected data processing systems such as 3D, CAD, BIM and simulations.

Installation Service and Commissioning

We are also extremely efficient for you in terms of service. Thus, we ensure the fast and professional installation and successful commissioning of the plants. All service employees are excellently trained and, thanks to regular training, always have the latest technical knowledge.

International After-Sales Service

We offer fast and competent service for our plants throughout their entire life cycle. You benefit from our large stock of spare parts and excellently trained service specialists. We maintain and repair systems on site or by remote maintenance. In addition, we modernize your systems and offer training and education for our customers.

Our Products

Complete Solutions and Individual Components

We use our high-quality components to equip areas with special climate requirements. These include, for example, research laboratories and parts of chip production halls. In addition to basic components, we also offer customized solutions:


  • Filter Fan Units (FFUs)

For cleanroom cabins, cleanrooms and mini-environments, with operating units and sensors for parameter control

  • Workbenches and laminar flow units

For safe contamination control at cleanroom workplaces

  • Mini-Environments

Enclosures for robots and machines with cleanroom class ISO 1 and better

  • Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration

Efficient compact air conditioning cabinets and systems in standard and highly specialized special designs

  • Adsorption Dryers

Energy-efficient systems for controlled low humidity, for example in lithography processes in chip manufacturing

  • Cleanroom Cabins

Small, flexible cleanroom solutions for production

  • Wall, Ceiling and Floor Systems, Lighting and Media Supply

High-quality components made of cleanroom-compatible materials

  • Personnel and Material Locks

For contamination-free transfer of personnel and products between cleanroom areas

  • Monitoring Systems

Innovative systems for monitoring and documention of all parameters critical to cleanroom operation

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