Vindur Cockpit

The digital service centre

Safe - optimum service.

In the event of malfunctions of air handling units and systems in complex and critical infrastructures, fast action is crucial. Thanks to intelligent networking, we offer you effective solutions for reliable, user-friendly service. This means that we always have your units in view, can access them remotely in most cases in the event of faults or problems, and can provide solutions if necessary. The service technicians also save valuable time because they can already perform status checks, alarm management and troubleshooting as well as adjustments and troubleshooting via Remote Service. And if an on-site mission does become necessary, our service team is informed and prepared.

Fast - reliable status management.

Malfunction messages, alarms and other "signs of life" of your devices are sent to Vindur Cockpit and forwarded from there in a targeted manner - 24/7, 365 days a year: simultaneously to our service control centre or service emergency service and to the persons designated by you. In this way, bad operating conditions and prematurely necessary maintenance intervals are detected at an early stage.

In addition, you can also access the web interface of Vindur Cockpit and obtain an overview of your monitored devices, diagnose their condition, and view the history of all current and past fault messages.

Efficient - targeted remote service.

Our service team can access the unit controls online via an encrypted secure connection. This enables targeted analyses in the event of a fault, so that we can decide remotely what measures to take and whether an on-site service call is necessary. In addition to minimizing your downtime, ensuring your data security is our top priority.

With Vindur Cockpit, we offer a turnkey solution that combines status management and remote access in a secure and simple way. Our platform ensures secure remote access worldwide and enables our staff to perform all remote maintenance tasks in a protected environment. Our goal is to exceed industry standards and provide a solution that meets international security requirements.

Our Portfolio

  Premium Advanced Basic Flexible
On-site service contract based on VDMA Guideline 24 186 and periodic technical inspections in accordance with Table 2 of DIN 1946 Part 4.  
Remote service for secure remote access
On-call service 24/7
Status management Monitoring of units and systems  
Message database for master data and configurations  
Online Service optional optional optional  
Fast response time by telephone max. 4 hours max. 4 hours    
Fast response time service technician on site max. 8 hours max. 24 hours    
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Vindur® Cockpit. The digital Service Centre


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