Energy Optimization

System Optimization and Energy-saving

For the majority of people and companies the economic deal with natural resources goes without words. A large energy savings potential is not used so far.
Today we have numerous opportunities to make an active contribution to environmental protection by using energy-saving products and optimisations.



  • New drive technology
  • Refitting of frequency converters
  • Direct driven motors with frequency converters
  • Direct driven EC-motors - Power up to 3,5 kW
  • New technology in connection with required control systems
  • Dynamic airflow control in connection with e.g.:
  • The exhaust air temperature- and ambient temperature
  • The requested air change rate
  • Motion detector
  • Enthalpy – solutions
  • Change-over from external air operation to circulating air operation with extreme external air conditions.
  • Refrigerating units – Power control


Example Energy-saving and Advantages of Direct Driven EC-motors

When using an EC-fan, in comparison with a V-belt driven fan, an energy savings potential results due to the high efficiency of the EC-unit. The efficiency of the EC-unit (motor with impeller) is approx. 60% in comparison with the unit with rotary current motor (V-belt drive and impeller) which is approx. 35%.

Further advantages
A constant flow rate regulation with different control parameters can be realised with the conversion up to direct driven motors:

By motion detector / Air quality sensor / Room temperature sensor
Necessary, continuous adjustment of the air flow, of the refrigerating capacity in connection with the actual, changing room conditions.

Furthermore only one filter level is necessary, minimum is F7.
The total air-flow pressing, the energy balance will be improved.

Moreover a continuous adjustment of the air flow takes place in connection with the filter dirt.
That means a high potential of energy-saving and a reduction of the current costs as well as a reduced maintenance effort.


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    Innovative Klimatechnik. Service, der sich auszahlt.

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