Food industry

Hygienic climate solutions for safe food

Interview with the expert

Rupert Mack, Head of the Strategic Business Area MediClean®

Can air-conditioning technology spread viruses like the Corona virus?
Yes, because aerosols are considered one of the main transmission routes of the Corona virus. In closed rooms with cooled air and high humidity, the Corona virus survives for a very long time. Air-conditioning systems that maintain air circulation quickly transport virus-contaminated aerosols over long distances and, without an appropriate safety concept, can contribute to the spread of the virus. This applies to slaughterhouses as well as fish and milk processing plants, where similar conditions prevail. But since air-conditioning systems in the food industry are important for product safety, solutions are needed that reliably kill or render harmless viruses and germs.

How does the 4+1 safety concept protect against pathogens?
The 4+1 safety concept is effective against corona viruses, but also against bacteria and moulds. During operation, a very fine H14 HEPA filter filters 99.995 % of all airborne viruses and bacteria out of the air. The micro-organisms deposited in the filter are killed by UVC emitters. The antimicrobial coating of the inner sheets additionally contains microorganisms on the surfaces. During the hygienically sensitive downtimes of recirculating air cooling units, thermal disinfection takes effect and prevents the formation of a biofilm, which is an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms of all kinds. Additional protection for the food industry is provided by our Air Purifyer module, which removes volatile hydrocarbon compounds - Volatile Organic Components - from the air. These VOCs cause unpleasant odours and impair food quality.

What expertise does weisstechnik have in the field of hygienic climate?
Infection prevention has been our topic for over 40 years. Since then, we have been equipping operating theatres and other areas in hospitals with air-conditioning technology. There, the highest safety standards apply with regard to air hygiene in order to safely protect patients and staff from hazards caused by airborne microorganisms. Our solutions from the medical sector are therefore also suitable for meat, fish and dairy processing companies, which in times of the Corona pandemic have to think about new hygiene measures to protect their staff and products even better.

Security made to measure

The individually scalable 4+1 security concept

Our safety concept is used, among other things, in our Vindur® Top hygienic air-conditioning unit, a recirculating-air cooling solution for rooms occupied by people. Depending on the requirements, we develop customised versions.

  • Safety: according to requirements up to 4+1 safety levels 
  • Room size: from break rooms to smaller production halls 
  • Retrofitting: can also be combined with existing air-conditioning systems
  • Installation: built-in, under-cabinet or mobile solution

Protect people, products and operations

Reliably prevent shutdown

An infection-related shutdown threatens the existence of any company. Our 4+1 safety concept effectively kills viruses, bacteria and moulds and thus makes a significant contribution to ensuring that this does not happen. It protects the health of employees, ensures food quality and protects companies from the economic losses and image damage of a shutdown.



The 4+1 safety concept

Maximum protection for the food industry
  • Stage 1: Antimicrobial coating of the inner panels
  • Stage 2: H14 HEPA filter for 99.995 % less viruses and bacteria in the air
  • Stage 3: UVC lamps for additional disinfection
  • Stage 4: Thermal disinfection for hygiene even when the unit is not in use
  • Stage 4+1: Air Purifyer against VOCs with unpleasant odours

All hygiene guidelines fulfilled

Special standards for production and break rooms

Particularly strict hygiene guidelines according to VDI 6022 apply to the air-conditioning equipment of rooms occupied by people. In addition to patient and examination rooms in the medical sector, these rooms also include production areas as well as break and recreation rooms in industry. Our hygienic climate solutions with 4+1 safety concept meet these high hygiene requirements and thus ensure hygienic room cooling in accordance with standards and needs.

Versatile in use

In slaughterhouses, meat and fish processing, dairies and cheese dairies.

Our hygienic climate solutions with 4+1 safety concept are ideal for use in food processing companies. In canteens, staff rooms or changing rooms, they protect employees from infections caused by airborne viruses. In production halls, slaughter areas and packaging departments, they not only ensure health protection, but also safe protection of products against contamination with viruses, bacteria and mould.