Cooperation between Weiss Klimatechnik and Cotes

New partnership for a good climate

Weiss Klimatechnik and the air drying expert Cotes have entered into a cooperation: In future, the air-conditioning specialist will install dehumidifiers from the Danish partner in its own systems. Weiss Klimatechnik is also expanding its services to include the products.

Adsorption dehumidifiers from Cotes are used when humidity needs to be controlled. In the air-conditioning systems of Weiss Klimatechnik, these are clean rooms, process air-conditioning appli-cations or air-conditioning systems relevant to process engineering. And some special applications also need air dryers, such as walk-in chambers for environmental simulation and the research and pro-duction of lithium-ion batteries.

On the way to new markets

"We are very pleased that Weiss Klimatechnik has joined the global partner network of Cotes. This partnership underpins our commit-ment to the German market. We see growth and opportunities there in various industries. Weiss Klimatechnik brings many years of experience and expertise in air-conditioning technology and shares our vision of quality and service," says Thomas Rønnow, CEO Cotes A/S.

And Weiss Klimatechnik also benefits from the cooperation. Dirk van Manen, Managing Director of weisstechnik, reports: "We were looking for a reliable partner who could supply us with a wide range of dehumidifiers. We found this partner in Cotes: The company has years of experience in humidity management. The very high quality of the products convinced us. Together we are now in a position to serve many different markets - including markets in which we are not yet active now."

Modular, mobile and customised

Cotes offers mobile, modular and customised adsorption dehumidi-fiers - tailored to the requirements of its customers. The company serves numerous industries, including pharmaceutical and medical technology, the beverage and food industries, the electronics and automotive industries, and the aerospace industry.