weisstechnik air-conditions production hall for print products

Case Study

WHY – The challenge.

PosterXXL is one of the largest manufacturers and sellers of print products, photo products and gift items in Germany. The large number of machines and printers in the production halls sometimes creates very high heat loads, which lead to unpleasant working conditions and risks for product quality.

For the Kirchheim site near Munich, a hall with a length of approx. 138m, a width of approx. 78m and a height of ap­prox. 7m, a suitable industrial air-conditioning system was therefore to be installed in order to make the work of the 200 employees on site easier and achieve a consistently product quality. Alongside energy efficiency and reliability, decisive require­ments here also included air humidity control to avoid a negative impact on the sometimes sensitive print products.

HOW – The idea.

On the basis of good experience with past projects, weisstechnik decided in favour of two combined air-condi­tioning systems. A Vindur Compact air-conditioning unit ensures processing of the outside air. The unit system is flexible, can be tailored to individual needs and requires little space. In combination with an upstream rotary heat recovery system, an efficient and cost-effective system can thus be realised for processing the fresh air required in the hall.

For the dissipation of the heat loads caused by the machines in the hall, recirculating air-conditioning units of the Vindur CoolMaster DX series were chosen. These have a particularly small footprint and are very suitable for inte­gration in existing buildings, as here as an upgrade for an existing air-conditioning system.

Our compact air-conditioning solutions offer all the advantages of high-performance room conditioning through to full climate control. They thus ensure temperature control as well as control of the air humidity and air purity under energy-optimised operating conditions. The complete control and regulation technology is already integrat­ed, an additional control cabinet is not necessary.

WHAT – The solution.

In order to fulfil the requirement for the production hall, the experts from weisstechnik developed a new ver­sion of the Vindur CoolMaster, which is larger and more powerful than the standard version. Each unit provides up to 58kW cooling power by means of integrated compressors in order to guarantee pleasant temperatures for humans and machines during production. The system is switched on automatically as soon as a tempera­ture limit value is exceeded in the hall. If it is not required, the system switches to an energy-saving standby mode.

The outside air processing system works all year round and ensures the air replacement necessary for the number of people in the rooms. Thanks to the rotary heat exchanger, the air-conditioning unit is very ener­gy-efficient and uses cold and heat recovery, depending on hall requirements. The outside air supplied is reliably cleaned by an F7 particulate matter filter.

The compact, extremely powerful and yet flexible air-conditioning solutions have a wide range of connection options and are suitable for different areas of application. Depending on the version, they guarantee the climatic conditions required for hygiene, processes and workflows as well as for technical equipment and sensitive products.


Products selected: Vindur® CoolMaster DX and Vindur® Compact DX

Services at a glance
• Air-conditioning consultation and planning
• Adaptation of the technology to the climate requirements of personnel and
production machinery
• Integration of a channel system including textile hoses for air distribution in the hall
• Set-up/installation of the air-conditioning technology, in redundant design if required
• One-stop shopping for all services from planning through to commissioning and
acceptance testing