weisstechnik ensures high-efficient cooling in Germany's largest Cloud Data Center

Case Study

WHY – The Challenge.
The Telekom subsidiary T-Systems expands its data center in Biere near Magdeburg. With the “Dynamic Data Center Biere” Germany's largest cloud data center for up to 100,000 physical servers on 9,000 m² IT space is being built.

Highest reliability and particularly high energy efficiency [PUE 1.3] are required from the air conditioning technology. A heat load of 900 kW each in 12 IT rooms is to be cooled down.

The technical data in the specifications include, among other things, the execution of the air conditioning in accordance with VDI 6022 and the integration of the control system provided by the customer.
The logistics of the construction project with strict time planning are also particularly sophisticated.

HOW – The Idea.
For cooling of the thermally high-loaded IT surfaces proven circulating air-conditioning cabinets Vindur CoolMaster have been chosen and arranged directly near the server rooms.

Air-conditioning is effected space-based via cold and hot aisles; the cold air is blown into the cold aisle via a raised floor.

Circulating air-conditioning cabinets Vindur CoolMaster are working with the high-efficiency underfloor fan technology invented by weisstechnik. The arrangement of the fan enables large filter and heat exchange surfaces and is therefore the basis for the high energy efficiency.

The fins of the heat exchangers are specially shaped and the fan position is optimized to minimize turbulence and pressure losses.

WHAT – The Solution.
The circulating air-conditioning cabinets Vindur CoolMaster have been modified for the functional and constructive requirements of T-Systems and fulfill the specifications of VDI 6022 for staffed rooms.

The interface management and the integration of the on-site control system could be realized without any problems.

Thanks to the efficient Vindur CoolMaster series, the claimed PUE value of 1.3 could be achieved. So the Biere data center is one of the most efficient worldwide.

Chosen Product: Vindur® CoolMaster 400 CW

108 Vindur CoolMaster Units [9 units per service corridor] in total have been installed in the server rooms. The logistic requirements were solved by renting a warehouse near Magdeburg. From there, the required climate cabinets were delivered to the construction site just in time.

Implemented Modifications:

Adaptation of CRAC units to VDI 6022 [hygiene requirements for staffed rooms]:

  • Inspection windows for control of filter and heat exchanger
  • Integration of filters F7 including pressing device
  • Internal illumination
  • Relocation of the inspection opening to the rear side