weisstechnik realizes IT...

weisstechnik realizes IT Air-Conditioning in Data Center of 200 m2

Case Study

WHY – The Challenge.
The existing data center at the Swisscom location in Lausanne Préville had been reconstructed.

For this, an efficient and dependable air-conditioning solution had to be found, making possible the connection to the existing fresh air access. The racks were arranged in a cold-hot aisle system, structural conditions such as beams and cable routes had to be integrated into the planning.

The solution should be as space-saving as possible and easily expandable later, if required.

The task included planning, delivery and installation of the system including the menu navigation of the control device in French language.

HOW – The Idea.
For cooling of the data center, a space-saving and efficient Vindur CoolW@ll system has been planned and realized.

Vindur CoolW@ll systems are flexibly scalable and consist of large-surface water-flooded heat exchanger modules. These modules consist of a cool wall equipped with high-efficiency heat exchanger modules and EC fans for air transport.

The cool wall system uses almost the entire room height and thus significantly increases the cooling capacity and energy efficiency.

In addition, only comparatively low investment costs are necessary for Vindur CoolW@ll modules.

WHAT – The Solution.
The Vindur CoolW@ll modules form the partition wall between the supply infrastructure and the IT room, no recirculating air-conditioning units are required. They are designed in an attractive Plexiglas aluminium frame construction that allows a view through the wall modules.

A total of 4 modules, each with an output of 100 kW, were supplied during the first construction phase, installed by our own service team and sealed to prevent leaks.

Chosen product: Vindur® CoolW@ll® Module, Type 300.4 CW with 2 fans, type Weiss Radipac, each.

With this, a dischargeable room load of 300 kW plus redundancy has been realized.

The control system was designed in such a way that the on-site fresh air access is easily integrated. The system is provided for operation in running redundancy. The system can be easily expanded at any time in case the cooling demand increases.

Implemented Modifications

Separate arrangement of individual components:

  • Integration of direct free cooling to increase efficiency and reduce operation costs
  • Leakage-free integration of on-site conditions such as beams, cable trays and pipes
  • Preparation for expansion to 7 modules with little effort